What You Can Expect

When the time comes to sell your home or let your property, how do you choose which estate agent to employ? You have a tremendous choice of agencies and, and on the surface, most appear to do more or less the same thing. There is far more to moving than simply finding a buyer or tenant, and it is critical that when the times comes, you choose the right agent for you, your property and your situation.

  • Total Honesty

  • Realism

  • Frequent Communication

  • Transparency

  • Ethical Behaviour at all Times

  • A Never Ending Determination to get Results

A good starting point is to find an agent who clearly understands the stresses involved in moving or letting your property and who accepts that you are likely to want to sell or let your home/property with minimal stress and for the most attractive amount the current market will pay within a suitable timescale.

Many agents make unrealistic claims and rash promises, we won’t.

We care more and try harder.